Saturday, November 24, 2012

Communications using cellular phone

by Paul McRedz

             Communications is part of daily life used by the citizens. Without communications, our economy may not be develop or useless. Communications are important it’s because we can talk and understand all our opinions. Communications can build a relationship and making friends to meet other people.

             In 1900's, people have already phones and it is the only instrument in order to communicate and sends information to the destinations. Also radio is invented and it is the first tool to use by communicating during world wars.

           Nowadays, people having cellular phones can easily manage their appointments through communications. Cellular phones are gadgets from technology in order to communicate each one another. Even today, teenagers and children have already cellular phones to communicate to their parents, friends, classmates and love ones. We cannot blame the technology for influencing the youngsters to use these kind of communicating, it’s because, technology’s always change and upgraded by the demand of the people in order to be part of the new era of technology world.

         There are many services that can give the cellular phones to the people, like emergencies, it can help by calling the ambulance for having an accident in the area where it happens. Second is the police service, if some body doing criminal act in the community or against the violence of the law, it should be arrested by the police or any authentic anti criminal people. In service of calls, the company can manage the network within your place; they can give a lot of promos that can be avail by the users so that they can afford the said price per calling.

           The disadvantage of using cellular phones is when you avail a prepaid type is an optional to use. Whether you purchase a load in order to use their services and if you don’t have load, you cannot use their services, while in postpaid type you can call or text unconditionally but you must pay the bill from the company that serves your phone calls. And if you don’t pay the said bill, your postpaid may not be avail or use.

        Cellular phones now a days has already upgraded by the technology, many features added on it like connecting to the WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) in order to connect to the internet. It is also a communication purpose because they can chat through mobile internet and also sharing information  There is no limit in using mobile internet as long as your phone is compatible with WiFi, but if the server has blacken the services, some of the sites to be access might be useless.

       Another features added by the technology to the cellular phones is camera and video camera. We can consider it as communication it’s because you can share information through pictures and send it to your destination. Also from video camera, you can capture videos to share. Language is also part of communication and it is important because it is a tool in order to understand what the message or information says and using translation, it can be converted to any language that you can understand.